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Capped Price Brakes Pad and Disc Replacement Offer.

Mercedes-Benz Vans is offering breakthrough pricing on a Mercedes-Benz Genuine Brake Pad and Disc replacement. All Mercedes-Benz Vans Genuine Parts come with a 2 year unlimited km parts warranty.

Only trust a Mercedes-Benz factory-trained technician to maintain your vehicle.

Vito 638 (1998 - 2004 models)

Front (inc. GST)Rear (inc. GST)
Brake Pad Replacement$230$290
Brake Pad & Disc Replacement$520$620

Vito 639 (2004 - 2015 models)

Front (inc. GST)Rear (inc. GST)
Brake Pad Replacement$310$310
Brake Pad & Disc Replacement$625$625

Vito 447 (2015 - current models).

Front (inc. GST)Rear (inc. GST)
Brake Pad Replacement$380$300
Brake Pad & Disc Replacement$660$600

Sprinter 902, 903, 904 (1998 - 2006 models)

Front (inc. GST)Rear (inc. GST)
Brake Pad Replacement$380$400
Brake Pad & Disc Replacement$700$830

Sprinter 906 (2006 - 2016 models)

Front (inc. GST)Rear (inc. GST)
Brake Pad Replacement$400$380
Brake Pad & Disc Replacement$750$770

*Parts are model and/or VIN specific. You must check with your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealership to ensure that the part’s design, features and technical specifications are available and fit for your vehicle. Prices are available from participating dealers while stocks last. Prices shown include fitment and GST.